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love llama


know what's good for you

I got this sweet illustration off
Done by the talented Alex Noriega.


Paola Zakimi

love these illustrations by Paola Zakimi, they're just the loveliest!

 Oh Eduardo.. thinking he's a boy when really he's just an ordinary dog. i love him.


oh sweet child


playing housie

one day soon im going to play housie in my very own REAL housie :) well it may not be my own at first, but same thing really. and so i've been blog-hopping for inspiration... here are a few of my favourite..

love the light and airy feel of this one, and the pastel teal colour is beautiful
 love this copper bath.. and ESPECIALLY love the random photo on the wall.

 have a thing for glass bottles lately

 this is just the cutest little housie.. noo noo, i want to poke it!
 as a little person i was always making tents in the living room, at the irritation of my mommy. wouldnt it be fun to have a grown up tent in my own grown up house? with a chandelier too!
 this reminds me of a beautiful little restaurant in stellenbosch that me and dear jenna wenna visited on a rainy day. odds and ends are lovely in my eyes.
 love vintage tins. derrick - not so much. but he says i can do whatever i want as long as he has a comfortable couch and the kitchen's not pink:)
 70's inspired living room. i like it.
 white everywhere! with a funny bird. and porno fluffy bed cover, the zebra is pretty porno too, although im not such a fan.
 polka dot wallpaper and vintage frames.. love them.

 this is probably my favourite of the lot.
this wallcolour is lovely, with the random pictures and retro chest of drawers.
so many options, and so many things i like. and maybe no money, aint life grand :) but really it is.. more of an excuse to go second-hand shopping every weekend. yay!  xx


its funny


a pretty picture


ive been instructed to update my blog, by my one follower.

all these are from cupcake magazine. i just love the face illustrations, so lovely.



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