all you need is love!

its true.. i know it to be true indeed. love is all you need.



today we almost lost geoffrey

it was almost a very very sad day today. but alas! geoffrey came home. the silly boy went missing and he wasnt back by suppertime.. and we know how much he likes his food. 

as the story goes.. when my mom got home, there were beads and velcro scattered all around the lounge.. and tinkerbell was running around like a nervous wreck. so our assumption is he jumped amongst the velcro, got it stuck all over, became terrified, caused a stir, and ran away. then around 9pm, after i'd walked the streets for 2 hours, crying by the gutters, being comforted by my brother, and comforting my other brother... all the while imagining him hungry and cold, scared and lost, this big lazy greedy temperamental big ball of fluff, lost in the streets, never to be found again..

and then i have this urge to check in the front one more time.. and mister fancy pants justs comes waltzing in.. ok no.. he wasnt really waltzing, he did look a bit frazzled and on edge, but walk right in he did.

and where he was all along.. its a mystery! but boy im sure Milton is glad to have his big  brother back.


yay for friday!

its friday! and here's some happiness for the day, just because :)


swimming horsies

i know its random, but i really like this picture. they're like one big family, and who knows why they all had to swim across the river. i do wonder. maybe the grass was greener on the other side.


sarah jane is my name

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